GREEN ATTRACTION is a targeted eco-label for attractions.

Both the name and logo make it easy for you to find and choose green attractions, such as museums, zoos, learning and amusement parks.


GREEN ATTRACTION is GREEN KEY targeted attractions.

The brand makes it easier for attractions to take care of the environment

and make visible and document their efforts. GREEN ATTRACTION also makes it easier for you to have fun and greener experiences.


Attractions in Denmark would also like to help take care of nature and the environment.

GREEN ATTRACTION helps you and attractions

GREEN ATTRACTION is rewarded for attractions that make an extra effort to be green and take care of the environment. All attractions with GREEN ATTRACTION must meet a wide range of criteria for environmentally friendly operation.

An attraction with GREEN ATTRACTION minimizes the consumption of chemicals, lowers energy and water consumption, ensures good and understandable waste sorting. A branded attraction provides suggestions on how you and your loved ones can have fun - but also educational - experiences while you are there.

The marked attractions must all document that they meet the criteria and undergo inspection visits before allocation - and are continuously motivated to do more and inspected regularly with follow-up visits.

Based on Green Key concept

The Outdoor Council and HORESTA have previously created Green Key, which is an eco-labeling scheme for hotels, which is now widespread in over 60 countries and awarded to more than 3,000 tourist companies.

Experience from Green Key has been used as a foundation for the new brand.

As Green Key primarily focuses on conference and accommodation venues and especially hotels, there is a need for a scheme that focuses on attractions, museums, aquariums and amusement parks and makes it easy for guests to find sustainable attractions.

That is why HORESTA, together with the Danish Outdoor Council (Friluftsrådet), has developed a clone of Green Key, targeted at attractions, under the name "GREEN ATTRACTION".

Credible brand ...

For HORESTA and the Danish Outdoor Council, it is important that it is a credible brand, and therefore builds on a recognized concept such as Green Key, where there are strict criteria, a credible application and control process, where applicants are processed and approved by a Jury and where they are regularly checked after the assignment.

... And close to the industry

It is vital that the brand is close to the industry and is easy to go to, market and understand for the guests, and therefore the brand is promoted in collaboration with the attractions.