It should not be difficult to apply to become a "GREEN ATTRACTION" - and we will guide you through the whole proces.

The application proces:

  • The attraction receives all the material
  • Work through the criteria and fill out the application form
  • You will then receive a visit from a consultant, where you will be advised on the criteria and the venue is evaluated
  • Together with the consultant you will make a plan for further action
  • Send in the application form and documentation
  • The application will be submitted to a jury, whom makes the final decision


The application form should be coupled with documentation of the company's environmental procedures. Descriptions not only on what is done here and now, it should also include, an action plan for future initiatives, organic percentage, data on cleaning products and the like, which can support the application of becoming a GREEN ATTRACTION.

Time Frame

The time frame for a certification (from initial contact to potential recognition) varies depending on how far the company already is in terms of the criteria, as well as, documenting its work.

Once the application and supporting documentation has been submitted the process is very short.  

Contact the secretariat