It should not be difficult to become a member of GREEN ATTRACTION.

It's all about setting up a process, where the environment and sustainability is thought into the every bit of it. Much of the work is common sense out into system. But it requires the attraction to have the heart in the right place and a wish to work determinedly with the subject. 

About the environmental work as a GREEN ATTRACTION:

  • It is a tool that can assist you in structuring you environmental work

  • The work is what many refers to as economical "common sense"

  • It will establish a new process and a new mindset

  • It takes into account the companies differing concepts and prerequisites

  • It can become a vehicle for instant savings

  • It will secure a sense of ownership by the employees

  • Focuses on creating incentives for the guests to take action

  • Sets demands for the suppliers

  • It will have a substantial influence on quality and hopefully result in a better product

  • A pragmatic more than fanatic tool