KØN - Gender Museum Denmark


Det Økologiske Spisemærke

KØN GENDER museum will be leading dialogues about the importance of gender and create insight, engage and strengthen the will for an equal society.

With the experience at the center, the museum creates curiosity, dialogue, reflection and knowledge about gender, equality and diversity - historically, currently and in the future.

The museum's thematic area of ​​responsibility is the cultural history of the sexes. The museum's focus areas are gender culture historically and currently based on women's history, including changes in the conditions and relations of the sexes over time as well as diversity in living conditions across gender, sexual orientation, androgyny and ethnicity.

Environmental efforts

On the way to the bronze brand in the Organic Food label/ Det Økologiske Spisemærke


East Jutland

East Jutland offers you a wonderful combination of fertile landscape, expansive forests, sandy shorelines and bustling big cities. 

The green and hilly landscape of the region was formed by the glaciers of the last glaciation. Valleys, gorges and deep fjords were all carved by the flow of glacial melt water.

You’ll find that East Jutland is easily accessible and full of varied, outdoor experiences. It's also home to Denmark's dynamic second city, Aarhus, Mols Bjerge National Park, Samsø and Vejle.

But you also find Søhøjlandet with Silkeborg and Skanderborg's lakes and forests as well as Legoland in Billund.